February 1, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Craig County Courthouse
Court St
New Castle, VA 24127
County Administrator





          The Craig County Board of Supervisors (CCBoS) at their January 5, 2018 meeting received a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) which investigated how best to operate the 42 Convenience Center to promote efficiencies to reduce long term costs  and continue service of accepting citizen household waste at the Center.

The PER evaluated the existing conditions at the Center and developed recommendation for potential site and building modifications to accommodate the installation of a solid waste compactor and compaction container.    The study is based on the costs necessary to operate a compactor at the facility once installation is complete.

The Center currently accommodates two to three long open top roll-off solid waste containers.  The containers are collected as necessary.  The PER looked at how could the number of transports be reduced while at the same time continue to provide household waste collection to the Craig County citizens who live in the Simmonsville are of the County.

The Study has recommended changes to the County’s operating procedures at the Center.  These recommendations can be summarized as follows:

  1. Install a compactor and purchase two containers to collect and compact household waste.
  2. Install necessary improvements (site, container pad, electrical and security) for the installation of a compactor.
  3. Installing a compactor at the Center is projected to reduce the number of waste transports 4 to 1. This reduction in waste transports will reduce trips from 307 to 77 trips annually.  This will annually reduce projected costs approximately $59,800.  It will be necessary to hire part time collection site attendants and with the projected additional operating cost the net annual cost savings are approximately $38,400. The projected cost for installation of a compactor is $87,600.  The projected payback time is 28 months and the return on investment (ROI) after five years is over 100%.
  4. The County staff has also recommended closing the Center during the night, close on Sunday and major holidays as scheduled annually, enforce household bagged waste only at the Center and all other waste disposed at the County’s Transfer Station located 196 Landfill Road in the eastern section of the County.
  5. The three open top roll off containers would be removed from the Center.

The preceding is a summary of the report and recommended operations changes.  A complete copy of the PER and operating recommended changes can be found at the County’s website or by calling the County Administration Building (540-864-5010).

The Public Hearing will be conducted Thursday at 6:00 PM,  February 1st, 2018, or shortly thereafter as possible, County Courthouse, New Castle, Virginia.  All interested parties who wish to hear a summary of the proposed Center construction and operating changes and wish to provide comment are invited to attend.