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  Craig County  currently has 2 active, positive case.

 The number of positive coronavirus tests in the Alleghany / Roanoke Health District continues at a steep curve.  Currently, 8% of all persons tested in the Alleghany Health District are coming back positive.  We’re up to 2195 confirmed positives. We had 1221 this time last week. 

VDH stated that testing results are taking from 2 days to 14 days to get results back as of right now.

There have been 32 deaths in the Roanoke/ Alleghany Health District. 

As of this morning Craig has 145 that have been or are documented” persons under investigation” for the Coronavirus since March.

  • 21- have tested positive, were isolated and treated and have been medically cleared and released.
  • 112-  were tested, isolated and test came back negative, then they were released
  •  7- were isolated, monitored for 14 days with no signs or symptoms and then released
  • 5- have been tested and are awaiting results

The above graph represents total number of cases in Craig County. Accuracy of this chart may deviate slightly depending upon VDH documentation and updates. Most up to date numbers can be found in the paragraph above. While the numbers may not always be up to date, the trend is accurate, and it is important to pay attention to trends rather than strictly to current numbers. 

This graph shows a 7 day running average of cases currently happening in Craig County. Per Dr. Molly O’Dell with the Virginia Department of Health, at this time Craig County has been declared a moderate transmission area.


Controlling The Spread

Over the next few weeks, schools will be opening, and other congregating events will be taking place. These will predictably cause an increase in new cases, and are expected to create the second wave of this pandemic. Please use caution and wear protective equipment when around others. 


Governors Reopening Guidelines (Phase 3) For All Business Sectors (Click Here)

Above is a link to some of the regulations that pertain to your type of business, Church or gathering.

Executive Order 65 states “if you have a complaint about a public place of business, first you should address it with the manager.  Then, if not resolved, call the VDH number below”.

I have been asked to make available the phone numbers that a citizen can call to file a complaint. They are listed below.

  1.  540- 204-9764 This is the number for Environmental Health in Roanoke City. This number can be called for complaints concerning restaurants or pools.
  2. 540-562-3641 This is the number for the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). This number can be called for complaints concerning grocery stores, convenience stores, farmer’s markets or at home food operations.
  3. 540-562-3580 This is the number for the Department of Labor and Industry. This number can be called for complaints concerning businesses if employees feel that the work environment is not safe and/or not in compliance with Executive Order 61.
  4. 804-367-8504 The is the number for the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR). They oversee licensing for numerous professions including barbers, body piercers, cosmetologists, nail technicians, tattooists etc. Complaints concerning any of these may call this number.


Craig County Administrative Offices Operating Procedures 

Operating procedures











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