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  Controlling The Spread

 This going to probably make some of you mad but, Craig County is doing very poorly in following the preventive measures spelled out in the governors Executive Order 63. Very few people are wearing masks, merchants are not requiring masks to ender their building, and many businesses are not following the mandate as to when their staff must wear masks. This is evident by the increase in cases over the last week, in the county. If we are going to stop this spread in Craig, we need the help of our businesses, government, and citizens.

 Craig County  currently has  17 active cases. We normally average about 2 active cases in the County. We have seen a drastic increase in our case load since last Wednesday. Please be sure that when you are our in public and are entering a place of business that you wear your mask properly to prevent your risk for COVID-19.


Carilion Clinic in partnership with Healthy Roanoke Valley (HRV) and the Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts (which is where Craig County Health Center is located) is conducting a Community Health Assessment (CHA) to determine what our community needs are.  If you live in one of these districts, please take 15 minutes to complete this survey.  As a community member, your voice is so important and can inform others in ways they can support our community. 

PLEASE, PLEASE consider taking 15 minutes to complete it.  Thank you!


 Our health district is up to 3748 confirmed positives. We had 3412 this time last week. 

There are 28 outbreaks in our health district, last week there were only 26.

Our Health District had 106 positive tests in the last 24 hours. The high for last week was 69 in 24 hours.  Hospitalizations are continuing to trend upward, with 6 new deaths this week in the health district.  There are currently 50 hospitalizations in the health district. 

There have been 57 deaths in the Roanoke/ Alleghany Health District. 

As of this morning Craig has 268 that have been or are documented” persons under investigation” for the Coronavirus since March.

  • 51have tested positive, 33 were isolated and treated and have been medically cleared and released.
  • 221-  were tested, isolated and test came back negative, then they were released
  •  8- were isolated, monitored for 14 days with no signs or symptoms and then released
  • 2- have been tested and are awaiting results



Dr. Odell says that people are thinking that things are getting better, and have begun relaxing their protective measures, and have been holding large gatherings. 

Be vigilant about hand washing, social distancing, mask wearing, and avoiding large gatherings.   




 “A risky event is determined by the actions of those persons involved, not by the type of the event.”





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