Available County-Owned Lot/Parcel

Craig County has a lot located at intersection of Race and Market Street for sale.  A formal proposal for acquisition of this property must be presented to the Craig County Board of Supervisors (CCBoS); this proposal must include:

  • Identification of the property, and any adjacent property involved in your development, and the intention to purchase or lease the parcel(s).
  • Concept plan of the intended development including use, location and size of any buildings, number of units, and a timeline for the completion of the project.
  • Description of the qualifications and experience of the proposer/developer.
  • Business Plan and Financial Plan for the project. Time line for completion of the project must be provided.
  • Proposed purchase offer for the property.

Lot Description:

Tax ID # 47A3-3-15

Approximate Lot Size: Less than ½ acre.

Zoned: Business, Town of New Castle

For more information on available sites, please see contact the person listed below.  For information on the proposal process, or for additional questions on the specific lot, please contact Clay Goodman  at (540) 864-5010 or email at clay.craigco@tds.net

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