Craig County Tourism Commission


Craig County’s tourism activity is managed by a volunteer Tourism Commission, consisting of representatives from each magisterial district of the County who are appointed by the county Board of Supervisors.  Established bylaws of the Commission are in place and enforced by the Board of Supervisors.

Volunteers currently serving on the Tourism Commission are:

Phil Spence, Chair , Diane Givens, Sue Bostic, Ann Harrell, Andy Allen, Kevin Craft, Jennifer Lovejoy, Martha Dillard, Kora White, Betsy Daniel, Erica Jones, Lucas Menezes, Robin Menezes , Jordan Labiosa and Lenny MacDonald

The implementation of transient and occupancy tax collections has allowed for some tourism promotion of the County, but that promotion has been minimal because of the small number of taxable lodging establishments.

In May of 2006, Lisa Campbell, Commission Chair, contacted the Tourism Development Division of Virginia Tourism Commission (VTC) to seek assistance with the development of a tourism plan for the county. After multiple discussions with Randall Rose of VTC, the Commission officially agreed to participate in a strategic planning process, facilitated by Mr. Rose. During the fall of 2006, four planning sessions were conducted as a key component of the process to develop the initial tourism plan for Craig County.  Participants included Commission members and other area stakeholders.

In December of 2006, planning team members were provided all the notes that resulted from the previously conducted sessions for review and comment.  In early January 2007, a draft of that plan was provided for review and comment.  On January 24th, 2007, a final meeting was held when final changes were discussed and approved. The Tourism Plan was ultimately submitted to the Craig County Board of Supervisors for review and their approval in September 2007.

In the summer of 2014, Commission leaders reviewed the 2007 Plan to determine that a majority of the strategies, targets, and measures were achieved and or required evaluation.  At that time, Mr. Rose was contacted by Amy Bryson, Commission Chair, and asked to assist with the development of an updated plan to guide tourism development into the next two to five year period.  On the evenings of October 28th and November 10th, Mr. Rose led sessions that reviewed the past plan, but primarily gathered input for future tourism ideas and priorities.  This plan was reviewed by the Commission on Jan. 13, 2015, changes noted, and the revised plan distributed to additional stakeholders.  The current plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on November 5th, 2015.

Tourism Plan 11.05.2015

Tourism ByLaws 06.18.2019

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