Dog Licenses

Registration Requirements:

Pursuant to state and county codes, residents are required to vaccinate and license dogs kept as pets. To apply for a dog tag, please deliver your request in person or by mail to the Craig County Treasurer’s Office at:
182 Main Street, Suite 5 P.O. Box 57 New Castle, VA 24127  Phone: (540) 864-5641

There is no required application form; however, you are required to furnish a current rabies certificate.

Purchase Rates

License Type Male / Female; Spayed / Neutered
Single $8.00
20 Kennel $35.00
50 Kennel $50.00

Licensing Dogs in the Commonwealth of Virginia

State law clearly states that all dogs over four months of age must be inoculated and licensed.

Pursuant to the Code of Virginia §3.1-796.87:1, veterinarians are required to provide a copy of the rabies vaccine certificate or the information contained in such a certificate to the treasurer of the locality in which they practice.

Failure to Attain a License

If the treasurer determines that the owner of a dog has failed to purchase a license within 90 days of the date of vaccination, the treasurer shall notify the owner and request that the owner submit a copy of the rabies certificate and pay the appropriate fee.

Once notifications are mailed, the treasurer will continue to check their records. If after 30 days of notice the pet owner still has not purchased an animal license, the treasurer shall supply Animal Control with the name and address of the pet owner.

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