Maple Grove Church Paint Bank

Maple Grove Church in Paint Bank


Bethel United Methodist Church                                                                                                              

11599 Cumberland Gap Road/Rte. 42                                                                                      

Church phone: (540) 864-7040, Rev. Charles Stacy: (540)404-4588        Sunday worship 9:30am; Sunday school 10:30am,         


Chestnut Grove Christian Church                                                                                                  

20587 Cumberland Gap Rd. (Rt. 42) New Castle, VA 24127 Church Phone: 540-864-5996

Minister Duane Wente, Home Phone: (540) 864-5692                                                                   

Sunday Worship:  10:00 AM

 Cornerstone Church of God of Prophecy                                                                                    

Corner of Salem (Rt. 311) and Wagner; Pastor Don Brown; Church phone:  (540) 864-7707                       

Sunday Worship 10:30am (Children meet separately, nursery provided).                            

Youth – Monday 7:00pm;                    Adult Bible Study – Wednesday 7:00pm                                

Ministries:  Ladies, Mens, Couples, and Seniors. Times vary, call for details.

Craig County Community Church

Sunday Service 9:00 am to 10:15 am  Pastor: Pastor Gary Burch

Craig County High School Auditorium

Contemporary praise and worship

Check us out on Facebook or contact us at:

Craig Healing Springs Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)                                                      

6 Granny’s Branch Road (John’s Creek)                                                                                      

Pastor Kenneth W. Davis, Jr.; Phone: (540) 864-6102                                                                              

Sunday school:  10:00am; Sunday Worship:  11:00am                                                         

Fellowship meal after worship on second Sundays

 Craig Valley Baptist                                                                                                                             

171 Salem Avenue; Church phone:  (540) 864-5667;                                                                     

Fellowship time:  9:30am; Sunday School:  9:45am; Sunday Worship:  11:00am                    

Prayer Service and Bible Study:  Wednesday 7:00pm    Youth Group & Bible Buddies: Wednesday 6:30-8:00 pm

 Craig Valley Gospel Fellowship                                                                                                         

Hwy 621 (8miles from Rte 311 on left)                                                                                           

Pastor Roy Lee Law Jr, Phone:  (540) 864-8984                                                                      

Sunday School 10:00am; Sunday Worship 11:00am      

Wednesday Bible Study 7pm

 Crossroads Church                                                                                                                            

21892 Craigs Creek Road;

Pastor Gary Burch, Phone:  (540) 864-7520                                                                              

Sunday School: 10:00am; Sunday Worship:  11:00am

 First Baptist  Church                                                                                                                                       

Corner of Main and Boyd Ave; Pastor Kevin Altizer; Church phone:  (540) 864-5919                     

Sunday school:  10:00am; Sunday Worship: 11:00am and 6:00pm                             

Wednesday Bible Study and Youth group:  7:00 pm

Grace Baptist Church                                                                                                                              

159 Old Rail Road Avenue; Church phone:  (540) 864-7729; Pastor:  Dr.Chet Roden             

Sunday school:  9:30am; Sunday Worship:  10:00am                                                     

Wednesday night services: 7:00pm

 Hebron United Methodist                                                                                                                   

64 Dragonfly Drive; Pastor Rodney Longmire; Phone:  (540) 400-3419                     

Sunday Worship:  11:15 am

 Lighthouse Baptist                                                                                                                                  

Rte. 311 (just north of town), Lee Looney                                                                     

Sunday School: 10:00am, 11:00am & 6:00pm                                                                      

Wednesday Bible Study:  7:00pm

Level Green Christian Church                                                                                                              

3388 Cumberland Gap Rd. (Rt. 42) Newport, VA 24128 (540) 544-7179

Minister Duane Wente, Home Phone: (540) 864-5692                                               

Sunday School:  10:00 AM; Sunday Worship:  11:15 AM; Children’s Church:  11:15 AM

 Mountain View Christian Church                                                                                               

Highway 311; Phone:  864-6622; Pastor Jim Morris                                                    

Sunday School:  10:00am; Sunday Worship:  8:30 and 11:00am                                        

Sunday Bible Study 6:30pm

New Castle Christian Church                                                                                                          

282 Salem Avenue; Pastor Cody Rader; (540) 864-5212

Sunday Contemporary Service: 9:00 am;                                                                                       

Sunday School:  10:00 am; Sunday Traditional Service:  10:50 am;                                         

Sunday Prayer Ministry: 7:00 pm                                                                                 

Wednesday:  Children’s programs 5:30-7 pm

 New Canterbury Pentecostal Church                                                                                                                     

“A Holy Spirit Led Church” Hwy 621 (10 miles from Rte 311)                                                 

Pastor John D. Abbott; Phone:  (540) 864-8242                                                                                  

Sunday School:  9:45am; Sunday Worship:  10:45am                                                      

Wednesday Night Service: 7:00pm

The Church of Christ                                                                                                                            

118 Main Street

Contact person:  Panco Cantley, (540) 864-5035.                                                  

Sunday Bible Class:  10:00am; Sunday Worship:  11:00am;                                                   

Sunday Evening Worship:  6:00 pm                                                                                         

Wednesday Bible Class:  7:00 pm

 New Castle United Methodist                                                                                                               

364 Main Street; Phone: (540) 865-5242;   Rev. Charles Stacey (540)404-4588                                                         

Sunday School:  10:00am; Sunday Worship:  11:00am                                                         

Monday Adult Choir:  7:00pm                                                                                                            

UMW 3rd Wednesday:  7:00pm

 St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church                                                                                          

99  2nd Street; Rev. Stephen McNally; Phone:  (540) 473-3691                                                           

Sunday Mass:  11:15am

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